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They say “ healthy spine, healthy life” for good reasons: the spine supports our entire body structure and allows for a good flow of the force of gravity and vital energy. The Body Wheel Therapy® class is designed to increase the flexibility the spine and the strength of the surrounding muscles. 

It creates great openness in the shoulders, chest, hips, back, and neck, which are the most common areas of chronic tightness and discomfort.

It also helps to strengthen your core therefore improving your posture and the health of your spine.

This is achieved through a series of dynamic and isometric yoga-inspired movements with the aid of the wheel.

Some postures are held for longer periods of time (2-5 minutes), allowing for greater openness through a deep yet safe stretch of your connective tissue (fascia, joints, ligaments).

These are alternated with more dynamic postures, performed using the wheel as an aid or prop, helping to strengthen the muscles and increase your heart rate for great cardiovascular benefits.

The classes are all ended with a breathing exercise to relax and detoxify the body: this combination will generate a great release of toxins and stress from the body, allowing students to completely let go of any stress and absorb all the benefits of their practice.


Eugene’s journey with the wheel begun during his years of competing in the yoga asana championship. He was looking for a quicker way of deepening his backward bend and opening the hips in a healthy and sustainable way. 

As soon as he purchased his first wheel, he fell in love.


The wheel opened up his spine much faster than any exercise he’d tried before and was not as exhausting as other approaches such as wall crawls and drop backs. 

He then started incorporating the wheel into his routines and training session and saw immediate therapeutic benefits and progress in his practice. 

When him and his wife sold all their possessions to travel the world for a year, the wheel never left their sides.


They travelled to places such as Fiji, Australia, Philippines, Italy, London and Dubai: every where they went, yoga students were taken aback by the amazing benefits of the wheel and became interested in learning how to incorporate it in their routines. That’s when he started teaching private Body Wheel Therapy® sessions. 


After their travels, Eugene and Serena settled in London: that is where a massive shift took place. Leveraging his background in physiotherapy, Yoga, Massage therapy and fitness training, Eugene decided to put together Body Wheel Therapy® sequences to address some of the common issues clients complained about: tight hips and neck, shoulders and back pain.

That’s how the Body Wheel Therapy® classes were born: he started teaching them around studios in London and soon enough all classes was getting over-subscribed. 


Everyone who has attended a Body Wheel Therapy® class more than once, has raved about the increase in flexibility, especially in areas that are generally hard to stretch deeply; the body becomes more open, flexible and feels lighter from the release of deeply rooted blockages.

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