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Fitness Training

From a very young age, Eugene took a keen interest in fitness and the body, developing a wealth of knowledge and overcoming many personal struggles and limitations, through self training.

He went on to further his knowledge academically and holds several qualifications including a Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition from Penn Foster University, a Personal Trainer qualification from the IFA and a Fitness Trainer qualification from the US National Council of Strength and Fitness. He has also recently qualified as a Physical Therapy Aide from Penn Foster University.

Since starting his own company in 2007, he has trained over 250 clients of different age, gender and walks of life, helping them overcome many limitations such as: overweight, inflexibility, lack of strength, limited range of motion, fatigue, low self esteem, fear of failure, to name but a few.

He believes that our greatest investment should be towards our health and fitness as our body is the most valued vehicle we will ever have in this life.

Every day he continues developing his knowledge and understanding of the body and health, helping his clients with passion and dedication.

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